All the way from Australia

Today we had a very trendy wedding for two ladies who flew in all the way from Australia.

They arrived at 2am on Friday and by 10am we were applying for their license. It was alot of fun and we put it together for them in a week. We had limos, violinists, photography and a great dinner at a nearby restaurant with fantastic views all ready for them.

We got the license on Friday and they were married the next day.

It can be a bit stressful to plan a wedding on such short notice especially if we are on  different time zones, but I knew it would work out.

It was worth it on both ends. I got the satisfaction of knowing they had a great wedding because of what we put together for them and they got a day they will never forget.

The tears were flowing and the smiles all around ensured me they were happy.

PS I now will try to take a picture of myself with each wedding. I want to keep a count of them all and prove… I was there! I swear I must have broken some record somewhere. Plus its fun.  🙂

PSS I took these pictures with my Nikon D60 not our photographers they do a super job these are amateur shots by me 🙂

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