Central Park wedding at Cop Cot

Early this month Trudy and Steven said “I do” at the beautiful Cop Cot in Central Park.

The couple traveled from Australia to first run the New York City Marathon. Then once rested, to get married in Central Park.

It was such a beautiful day and it was such a pleasure to work with this fun and athletic couple!

Here are just a few of my favorites…there were just to many. The park during Autumn is just beautiful.


Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-5 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-23 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-8 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-12 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-26 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-51Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-77Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-44Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-100Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-105Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-68Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-95Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-111 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-152 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-156 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-173 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-94 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-116 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-131 (2) Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-184 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-178 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-179Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-187Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-190Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-192Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-193Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-259Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-218 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-245 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-248 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_TS-258

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