Cop Cot

Another beautiful wedding in the very popular Cop Cot.  It seems it is the place  to marry this year.

Our beautiful bride choose hot pink roses for her bouquet and it matched beautifully with her blush color gown.  The groom wore a matching tie, but not just the groom….all the men, even the guests wore hot pink ties.

The bride was walked down the aisle (or in this case up the aisle to Cop Cot) by her mother.

One of my favorite gowns of the year… mostly because it resembles my own 13 years ago….. 😀

My very best wishes to both Rob and Stacie!





Copcot_centralpark_wedding_SR-20 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_SR-35 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_SR-43 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_SR-195 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_SR-197 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_SR-208 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_SR-242 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_SR-287 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_SR-307 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_SR-322 Copcot_centralpark_wedding_SR-323

One thought on “Cop Cot

  1. Just want to say thank you so much for every thing you have done Carol. Our day was beautiful and could not have gone any better. You made it so easy for us. All our love Mr and Mrs Cutts

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