It rained…….

Sometimes there is just nothing we can do!! It just rains.

This couple was awesome.. All the way from Ontario Canada its was  the two of them and they were so happy and relaxed. It didnt rain until after the ceremony was over and we got some incredible shots right before the skies opened up. The couple were not upset at all and just went with it. The bride had a purple umbrella with her to go with the color scheme of the day.

Thank you so much Erin and Donny it was so much fun!

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It was just tooo hot!

This was a wedding due to take place on Bow Bridge. It was August… the hottest month of the year and well there we were at the park ready and willing, but melting!

We were all very aware it would be hot! Still the sun was just too much. So I decided at the last minute and seeing just how hot it was that I would suggest another spot..a spot with shade!!

So the groom said “Ok, if my bride is fine with it” So I ran over to the bride where I had her hidden from view and she said “YES please!”

So I moved the entire group to this little hut and even the violinist was happy 😀

Sometimes, we have to make little changes to improve on the experience of the day and well the park is just so beautiful.. its hard to pick a bad spot for a wedding.

Oh and a great thank you to that awesome best man who not only agreed right away we had to move but helped me gather the guests and moved them quickly to the new location. He even pinned the guests with their buttonholes!!


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