Luxury Chapel

This is another great location for your wedding.

The ceremony does not have to be religious at all yet you can get the chapel/church feel for your wedding.

This couple renewed their vows and only their daughters were present.

It was really a very nice day and the dress!!!  It was packed into two suitcases.


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A wedding at a hotel suite

Sometimes couples prefer a more intimate setting for their special day.

This couple choose to marry in their hotel suite at the Ritz Carlton.

We had the livingroom and dinning room furniture removed and I decorated the suite.

I ordered two beautiful arrangements for the windows overlooking the river.

We ordered cheese and fruit platters and lots of champagne and a fab wedding cake.

I sprinkled petals all around and made an aisle with rose petals and orchids, lit the votives and we were ready.

 I think it turned out pretty great!

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Autumn in NYC

It’s my favorite time of the year I have to admit.

The park.. the city with all its reds, yellows and orange leaves on trees and on the ground. The crisp air just makes me smile.

I have to admit we are now only finally starting to cool down as we have had warm weather these past few weeks.

Still the the park looks great!

Below one of my favorite weddings that took place one beautiful autumn day.

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The Pavilion

Ohh the very famous and popular pavilion. It was even used for a scene in Sex and the City… the movie.

Its just a really pretty place, but can get busy at times especially during the warm months and definitely during the weekends of those months.

Still we manage to have quite a fantastic time there and the photos on a good day (best if there is shade) are just AWESOME!!

This wedding was at 5PM in September.

Also, please note if the pavilion is not available for your wedding we can always just take pictures in and around the area as its just lovely or we can have the ceremony by the rocks.. its the same view from the pavilion.


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