620 Loft and Gardens wedding

Congratulations to Julian and Chloe who married this past October 10th at the beautiful terrace located at Rockefeller center. After we went to Top of the Rock for photos.

The ceremony was completely private and the views are just amazing at this place!!

It was a pleasure to assist Julian with his wedding.

Loved the flowers and so happy to get them so that they could match Chloe’s grey dress.

My very best wishes to them both!

IMG_0533-2841781602-ORockefeller Center Elopement Rockefeller Center Elopement Rockefeller Center Elopement Rockefeller Center ElopementIMG_0494-2841779062-O IMG_0473-2841777801-O IMG_0452-2841776631-ORockefeller Center Elopement Rockefeller Center Elopement  Rockefeller Center Elopement

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