A Ladies Pavilion Wedding

What a beautiful day we had a the ladies pavilion for Stephen and Laura’s wedding! The couple traveled from Northern Ireland to NYC with 14 of their family and friends. The location was as fabulous as ever, the weather was fantastic and it was a dream to plan this wedding.

The bride wore a beautiful lace and illusion tulle wedding gown and paired it with blue Manolo Blahniks… think Sex and the City, the movie. Her bouquet designed special for her was of fresh Orchid, baby’s breath and thistles hand tied with her Groom’s family tartan….She looked amazing!!

After the ceremony the couple stayed in the park for a couple of more hours to enjoy and take some more fantastic photos with our photographer and then later met their party at a local restaurant for drinks before dinner.

I don’t have to say much more as the photos below say it all…. just a dream!

All  my very best wishes to Mr and Mrs. McCarthy.

NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-14 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-15 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-20 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-24 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-25 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-32 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-53 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-56 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-61 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-78 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-82 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-87 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-153 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-156 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-159 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-171 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-173 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-175 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-178 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-185 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-186 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-190 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-195 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-199 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-200 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-201 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-210 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-218 - CopyNYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-223NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-226NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-232NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-233NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-260NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-264NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-269NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-271NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-272NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-273NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-274NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-287NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-293NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-299NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-312NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-324NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-334NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-339NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-342NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-369NYC-Central-Park-Wedding-LS-373

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