Cop Cot wedding

Congratulations to Lydia and Robert who married this past May at one of my favorites places.

The couple traveled from Ireland with their closest family and friends and chose this lovely spot for their ceremony.

It rained earlier in the day but again we got very lucky and sure enough the rain was no more! Even the sun came out to say hello!CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-4CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-6CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-15CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-17CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-32CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-53CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-62CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-184CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-209CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-215CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-220CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-223CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-230CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-238CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-242CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-248CopCot_centralpark_wedding_LR-256 #copcotwedding #centralparkweddings #centralparkwedding #nycwedding

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