I am so excited to announce that this coming January 9 and 10th I will in Dublin, Ireland at the Wedding Journal show.

It has long been a goal of mine to visit Ireland and showcase our work at one of the local weddings shows.

Reason why?…More that 50% of our past couples who  have chosen us to plan their wedding have traveled from Ireland and it has been such a pleasure.

Still it can cause couples of bit of stress and nerves to deal with a company so far away and with a person they have never met.. so why not come to them so we can explain what we do and offer and answer any questions they may have? Emails are good, but nothing beats meeting in person!

So I am looking forward to a wonderful stay in Ireland first as I have always wanted to visit …..  then I will be heading to the Citywest Complex in Dublin for what I am hoping will be a  great weekend.

If you are planning a wedding in NYC for 2016 or 2017 stop by and say hello 😀




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