The Ladies Pavilion

This past October we had a lovely wedding at the always popular Ladies Pavilion. The couple flew over from France with their little boy and choose this lovely spot for their wedding.

My French is not great, but their English was  better and  we figured it out and had a fabulous time working together 😉

My best wishes to them!


Central_park_wedding_LJ-7 Central_park_wedding_LJ-16 Central_park_wedding_LJ-18 Central_park_wedding_LJ-39 Central_park_wedding_LJ-56 Central_park_wedding_LJ-60 Central_park_wedding_LJ-66 Central_park_wedding_LJ-72 Central_park_wedding_LJ-91 Central_park_wedding_LJ-113 Central_park_wedding_LJ-127 Central_park_wedding_LJ-178 Central_park_wedding_LJ-187

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