Ladies Pavilion

Congratulations to Emma and Ioannis married this past September 15th at the beautiful Ladies Pavilion.

The bride looked beautiful in her Audrey Hepburn inspired short wedding dress.

After the ceremony the couple traveled by limo to Times Square for  some very NYC wedding shots.

We had a great time with this lovely couple!

By the way Orange and Cream seems to be the color of the season for my bride’s bouquets. Lots of requests for them… 😀

Central_park_wedding_EY-30 Central_park_wedding_EY-34 Central_park_wedding_EY-37 Central_park_wedding_EY-43  Central_park_wedding_EY-62Central_park_wedding_EY-75 Central_park_wedding_EY-83 Central_park_wedding_EY-85 Central_park_wedding_EY-100 Central_park_wedding_EY-102 Central_park_wedding_EY-114 Central_park_wedding_EY-123 Central_park_wedding_EY-197 Central_park_wedding_EY-268 Central_park_wedding_EY-276 Central_park_wedding_EY-282 Central_park_wedding_EY-288 Central_park_wedding_EY-308 Central_park_wedding_EY-322 Central_park_wedding_EY-327 Central_park_wedding_EY-358

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