Shakespeare’s Gardens

On September 12th, Megan and Ben said I do. The couple flew in from England with family and Friends to say I do.

The couple choose the Shakespeare’s Gardens and although thunderstorms were predicted for the entire day… the rain stayed away.

After the ceremony the couple traveled to Top of the Rock for some fun photos just the two of them and then headed to their reception.

These are just some of our favorites…..

.Central_park_wedding_MB-4 Central_park_wedding_MB-20 Central_park_wedding_MB-45 Central_park_wedding_MB-73 Central_park_wedding_MB-107 Central_park_wedding_MB-113 Central_park_wedding_MB-125 Central_park_wedding_MB-147 Central_park_wedding_MB-293 Central_park_wedding_MB-308 Central_park_wedding_MB-329 Central_park_wedding_MB-338 Central_park_wedding_MB-350 Central_park_wedding_MB-362 Central_park_wedding_MB-397 Central_park_wedding_MB-412 Central_park_wedding_MB-431 Central_park_wedding_MB-432 Central_park_wedding_MB-438 Central_park_wedding_MB-441 Central_park_wedding_MB-451 Central_park_wedding_MB-464 Central_park_wedding_MB-475 Central_park_wedding_MB-498 Central_park_wedding_MB-510 Central_park_wedding_MB-512 Central_park_wedding_MB-568 Central_park_wedding_MB-611

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