Detail shots……

These are some of the details shot of Sinead’s wedding day this past May……taken at the hotel while she was getting ready.

Just wanted to share…………………. 😀

S_NewYorker-4 - Copy S_NewYorker-15 - Copy S_NewYorker-19 S_NewYorker-20 - Copy S_NewYorker-21 S_NewYorker-22 S_NewYorker-24 S_NewYorker-28 S_NewYorker-29 S_NewYorker-30 S_NewYorker-33 S_NewYorker-35 S_NewYorker-44 S_NewYorker-49 S_NewYorker-84 S_NewYorker-85 S_NewYorker-89 S_NewYorker-91 S_NewYorker-138 S_NewYorker-154 S_NewYorker-163S_NewYorker-14 - Copy

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