June Wedding

Congratulations to Katie and Callum who married this past June 25th at the Cop Cot in Central Park.

The groom’s father brought his bagpipes over from Scotland and played for the bride as she walked down the aisle or in this case up the aisle because of the hill leading to Cop Cot. It was a fantastic day and NO RAIN, thankfully!!CentralPark_wedding_KC-1 CentralPark_wedding_KC-12 CentralPark_wedding_KC-27 CentralPark_wedding_KC-35 CentralPark_wedding_KC-43 CentralPark_wedding_KC-50 CentralPark_wedding_KC-66 CentralPark_wedding_KC-70 CentralPark_wedding_KC-92 CentralPark_wedding_KC-107 CentralPark_wedding_KC-111 CentralPark_wedding_KC-112 CentralPark_wedding_KC-198 CentralPark_wedding_KC-246 CentralPark_wedding_KC-249 CentralPark_wedding_KC-251 CentralPark_wedding_KC-264 CentralPark_wedding_KC-282 CentralPark_wedding_KC-292 CentralPark_wedding_KC-309 CentralPark_wedding_KC-346 CentralPark_wedding_KC-362  CentralPark_wedding_KC-379 CentralPark_wedding_KC-384

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