May 15, 2015 Central Park Wedding

Congratulations to Siobhan and Steven who traveled from Scotland this past May and choose the Belvedere Castle as the location for their NYC wedding.

It was such a pleasure to work with them and absolutely loved the little flower girls!SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-20 SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-32 SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-12 SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-45 SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-53 SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-63 SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-65 SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-96 SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-179 SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-196 SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-200 SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-210 SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-225 SS_belvedere_castle_NYC_wedding-226

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