Private hut in Central Park wedding

I love this dress… so unique for a wedding. Also its blue my favorite color.. this is Peter and Daniya married at what I call the private hut in the park…because it has no name. It is a lovely location and very private.

PeterandDaniya 015 PeterandDaniya 016 PeterandDaniya 017 PeterandDaniya 018 PeterandDaniya 019 PeterandDaniya 028 PeterandDaniya 024 PeterandDaniya 037 PeterandDaniya 039 PeterandDaniya 040 PeterandDaniya 044 PeterandDaniya 051 PeterandDaniya 055 PeterandDaniya 056 PeterandDaniya 077 PeterandDaniya 075

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