Samantha and Brett

It is all in the details!

It is really a nice touch to include getting ready shots of the bride and groom as they prepare for their wedding day.

I just love all the little details you can capture during that time.

Beautiful photos taken this past December 21st at the Four seasons hotel and at Top of the rock of Sam and Brett!

My best wishes to them and thank you again for choosing Fab NYC weddings.

SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-7 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-13 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-19 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-23 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-29 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-34 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-37 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-45 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-52 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-60 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-81 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-85 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-135 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-138 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-139 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-142 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-147 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-156 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-170 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-330 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-341 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-347 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-312 SB_topoftherock_nyc_wedding-317


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