Ladies Pavilion

On a very cold but very happy day…. Jackie and David exchanged their vows at the Ladies Pavilion and Central Park.

It was a pleasure even with the cold to be out there with them. They were so much fun and a very lovely couple.

Thank you!

JD_centralpark_wedding-2 JD_centralpark_wedding-9 JD_centralpark_wedding-19 JD_centralpark_wedding-62 JD_centralpark_wedding-66 JD_centralpark_wedding-78 JD_centralpark_wedding-141 JD_centralpark_wedding-147 JD_centralpark_wedding-183 JD_centralpark_wedding-191 JD_centralpark_wedding-212 JD_centralpark_wedding-213 JD_centralpark_wedding-221 JD_centralpark_wedding-223

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