October wedding in Central Park

Michaela and  Deborah  traveled from Australia and in a few weeks we were able to plan a very special wedding for them.

A New York wedding in Central park is what they wanted.

A wedding at the park, but not on land……..enter the Central Park’s gondola.

It took a bit of determination to pull it off. There were also serious threats of rain, black clouds everywhere and all I could do was pray. Pray that the clouds would leave, especially since we had a violinist and we had to care for the precious instrument.

Thankfully, it worked out and the clouds left and even the sun came out!!  To me it was a miracle truly…the morning was horrible and I couldn’t believe as soon as the couple arrived to the park the sun started to come out. It was a totally different day from what it had started out to be.

We were able to pull it off and wow what a great time they had!!

My best wishes to them.

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