October 17,2013

Congratulations to Helen and Tyson that married at a beautiful spot I call “the little Oasis of Central Park.”  A somewhat secluded little area  with a view of the pond and the city!

After the ceremony the couple took photos in the park as well as little know areas of the city and then headed of to their reception.

We had such a lovely afternoon working with the couple. We wish them all the best!

IMG_0010-2882977727-O IMG_0012-2882978833-O IMG_0013-2882979323-O IMG_0019-2882981104-O IMG_0023-2882983133-O IMG_0052-2882987687-O IMG_0065-2882990498-O IMG_0128-2883011664-O IMG_0134-2883016591-O IMG_0217-2883046827-O IMG_0228-2883049237-O IMG_0173-2883026875-O IMG_0175-2883028326-O IMG_0198-2883037308-O IMG_0203-2883041178-O IMG_0204-2883041319-O IMG_0480-2883113942-O IMG_0612-2883155473-O IMG_0645-2883162972-O IMG_0710-2883183130-O IMG_0735-2883188237-O IMG_0515-2883124289-O IMG_0508-2883120209-O IMG_0863-2883228331-O IMG_0861-2883227240-O IMG_0853-2883224227-O IMG_0833-2883218792-O IMG_0819-2883209964-O IMG_0817-2883209267-O IMG_0872-2883231373-O IMG_0915-2883253471-O IMG_0924-2883258646-O IMG_0935-2883265006-O IMG_0943-2883266473-O

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