Central Park Wedding at Wagner’s Cove

Love this location for small intimate weddings. Toby and Katja planned their elopement with us in less than a month. They flew in from Dubai.

The bride’s shoes were killing her feet so she took the off! haha and  was barefoot for most of it.

Stillettos will do that to a bride. 🙂

It was a great day.

click on the photos to enlarge…

164_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 005_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 002_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 009_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 021_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 025_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 027_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 041_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 061_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 068_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 076_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 107_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 117_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 122_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 131_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 136_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 138_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 140_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 150_Toby and Katja  (Medium) 155_Toby and Katja  (Medium)

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